Fitness Time

Our facility is a cut above the rest, featuring state-of-the-art equipment, a vast list of popular and fun fitness classes, and the most sought-after trainers to motivate you through the challenges of getting fit. Free towel service provided.

Our Aerobics Room is the perfect place to get fit. With elite trainers, a great atmosphere, and a multitude of aerobics equipment, it is no wonder Fitness Time group training classes are known internationally. Try out one of our fitness classes today or check the Aerobics Room and see what you are missing.
Want to increase your functional strength and aerobic capacity? The Fitness Lab is great a place to accomplish this with equipment tailored to building usable strength and endurance. Punching bags, medicine balls, and an environment where you can focus will make crushing personal records a regular thing.
The Fitness Time Free Weight Room is equipped with state of the cardiovascular and strength training machines, functional training equipment, and a range of free weight options. The free weight room accommodates all levels of fitness.
The Kids’ Club at Fitness Time is a complimentary service that offers a safe and fun environment for children as young as six months. For added peace of mind, the Kids’ Club can be monitored on any of our cardio equipment.
Diverse classes featuring Miami’s most sought after instructors. Fitness Time offers innovate classes that are constantly evolving to engage members in a group setting. Our diverse class offerings include intense calorie blasting cardio sessions, tightening, toning and sculpting, Zumba®, TRX®, boxing, spinning, yoga and stretching all under the guidance of Miami’s top instructors. Get Fit and Have More Fun Doing it at Fitness Time!