Fitness Time


Fitness Time offers an extensive array of classes to meet your fitness goals and help you obtain the health and physique you are looking for.

BLAZING KICKBOX FUSION: high intensity cardio kickboxing, fused with high energy hip-hop& island vibe!!!! SUPER fun & LOADED with energy…….a powerful workout!

BOOTCAMP: will command you to lift, hold, burn, sweat, tremble and repeat! A hard-core class for intense exercise enthusiasts committed to maximizing their time at the gym.

BOX CAMP: An energizing box style circuit class demanding your body to move faster, get stronger and increase your fitness level all within one hour.

FLOW-BILITY: developing a strong & mobile base through a creative process of movement flow, lo-commotion, mobility/stretch, and motor control.

POWER TRAINING: a WHOLE body challenging workout with dumbbells, body bars, jump rope and steps to give your body the ultimate hour of pumped up fun!

SPINNING: Fitness Time offers over 10 SPINNING classes a week led by some of Miami’s most sought after instructors. Our classes are carefully created to accommodate all levels, from beginners to advanced and inspire you to push yourself to the limit on the cycle, while getting into the ultimate workout ‚Äúzone” with motivational music and instructor leadership!

STRETCH&MOBILITY: Restoring fundamental mobility functions, gain total body motor control, mindful movement and stretch.

VINYASA FLOW YOGA: Utilizing proper breathing techniques to calm the central nervous system while moving through meditation with positive affirmations unlocking new pathways towards more freedom of deeper stretch.

ZUMBA: This ever-evolving cardio-craze couples Latin-inspired dance movements with upbeat world rhythms and easy to follow choreography to tone your body & boost spirit!