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More than 5 years experience, NASM certified, certified stretch specialist, fat loss, muscle hypertrophy and posture alignment.

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WFA Master certified trainer, nutrition and lifestyle management certified, a certified hypervolt practitioner, plyometrics, powerlifting, rate of force development, Olympic lifts, hypertrophy.

The spiral consists of a complex of muscles that form a helix shape around the body: consisting of the cervical muscles, rhomboids, serratus anterior, ext/int obliques, TFL, hamstrings, etc. The line helps the body perform such movements as running, rotational movements of the spine such as throwing, punching, swinging etc.

  1. releasing the spiral line muscles: cervical muscles, rhomboids, Serratus anterior
  2. spiral line stretches: the spiral twist pose stretches the upper portion of the spiral line while engaging the other
  3. spiral line exercises: bird dog plank, rotational chop, spiral line row with rip

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